One thing that’s become increasingly obvious in my day-to-day life is my penchant for data mining, relative to my work. Studio time isn’t always as lengthy and productive as I hope it will be, so as I go about everyday tasks, I collect information (visual, literary, musical, conceptual, etc.). Most of the time, it’s done unconsciously, but I like how my Art Brain is still at work even when I’m not physically applying paint on canvas. As a result, when the time comes to get my hands dirty, there’s less mental congestion to work around.

So, I’ve started jotting things down. It’s just your everyday mood board, helping to more intentionally process and organize little moments of awareness, inspiration, and whatever else grabs hold of me. I’ll be sharing it (hopefully somewhat regularly) here on my website, with the aim of enriching my studio practice, plus the added bonus of giving the blog a little more love.

Today's mood board encompasses imagery about symmetry, something I could contemplate endlessly. I love a symmetrical fashion statement, or when an interior space is thoughtfully balanced. It's everywhere in nature, mathematics, and, of course, art.

Explore for yourself: images are linked accordingly.


... And some other stuff to know.

I have been working vigorously on a series of brand new paintings that embody my latest conceptual and technical approaches. It has been a challenging, illuminating process, and I am beyond excited to reveal the results in early 2017.

So, next month, I will be remodeling my website, and all pieces currently displayed online will be removed to make room for a fresh collection of work for the New Year.

2016 has been unbelievable, thanks to your support! I had my first solo show and a couple pop-up shops, painted live at weddings and events, taught creative workshops, and worked on several special commissions. As a thank you, I am offering an epic, once-in-a-blue-moon discount of 40% off your total online order, until December 1st.

Use the code THANKYOU16 when you check out, and be sure to follow me on Instagram for a chance to win an original painting!


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 ^ Follow along on Instagram for a chance to win this happy lil cloud painting! ^

^ Follow along on Instagram for a chance to win this happy lil cloud painting! ^